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As more communications made using mobile phones, the need for quotas internet data packets or even greater. But pay attention, do not let those needs makes you so wasteful.

Currently, users can choose between unlimited internet package or quota. They both have a fair usage limit.

The only difference is the unlimited package, users can still access the Internet while the speed is so very slow. Whereas the quota package, an Internet connection can immediately break up.

This means that any package that is used you still have to save in order to connect to the internet remains smooth and does not undermine the contents of the wallet. The main alternative in this case, of course looking for or connect cell phones to WiFi whenever were in place to provide free WiFi.

In addition to WiFi, here are some tips that summarized GadGetWikiMedia so that data is not wasteful consumption.

1. Keep an eye on the use of data

Prior to conserve the use of the data, it helps users identify the types of data consumption. Are more often depleted because of social media, browsing, playing games, watch online videos or precisely because it is used to unduh the application.

Users can easily identify it through each sajian in the mobile phone, either the operating system Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

The sajian is typically present in the settings section. When it is opened it will show how much data has been used and what applications are using it.

Counter data on mobile Oppo Oppo R5
In addition to using the default application, there are also third-party applications that can be used calculate the consumption data. For example, Android users can try an application called Onavo Count to track data usage.

After knowing what applications use a lot of data, of course users more easily set when running the application. For example, just open the path when connected to WiFi or at certain hours when the communications service provider is giving bonus internet quota.

2. Turn off automatic updates

Automatic updates to make the user can always get the latest applications without the hassle. But if uncontrolled, this feature even be a trap that can cut down the quota of data.

Imagine, if you are using data services from a mobile connection then without realizing there are a number of applications that are automatically updated.

One such application say size 30 MB. When the automatic update occurred in five applications with similar size alone is 150 MB which is missing from the data quota.

The user should turn off any of this feature, and choose the option to update the application manually or automatically only when connected to WiFi. The goal is that applications, such as Google Play Store does not automatically unduh updates using a mobile connection.

3. Minimize the application download

Reduce unduh the application via a mobile connection. The actual file size of an application varies, not all are large. However, if you include the likes to play games, watch the downloaded file size.

Often the game with three-dimensional graphics display has large files. For example, Contract Killer output Glu Mobile, which is about 295 MB.

Sometimes, once installed there were still other supporting data that must be downloaded by this type of game. When totaled, the data can be downloaded by almost 1 GB. This amount will of course take a lot of data quota, especially if frequent.

When you have to unduh a game like this, you should seek a free WiFi connection or do while you are in certain locations that are offering WiFi. Another alternative to conserve, try to unduh the application that is used when the operator gives a bonus quota.

Other applications, such as Facebook, Instagram or Path, usually small when first downloaded. However, consumption data can be enlarged when in use. Path, for example, can consume hundreds of megabytes of data to display linimasanya quota cramped with photos.

If the biggest perkara in your data quota is a matter of social networking applications like this, try to set the time using the application. For example, by reducing photo uploads, reduce the refresh timeline to only open applications when connected to WiFi.

4. Smart watch online video

Watching videos on YouTube while on the go is fun, but do not be surprised if this makes the data quickly exhausted the quota. Streaming video is one of the services that require large amounts of data.

Watch streaming video in services such as YouTube consume a lot of data quota
If you want to save your data quota, should avoid watching streaming video using a cellular connection. Alternatively, watch streaming video or unduh the desired when connected to WiFi free of charge.

If you must watch via a cellular connection, can be tricked by lowering the video quality. Usually on YouTube there is a choice between 270p to 1080p. The lower the quality, the size of the required data per second even smaller.

Alternatively, YouTube has new features that make users able to watch the video offline. Well, with this feature, you can unduh YouTube videos desirable when there is a WiFi connection, and then watch it at another time.

But it should be noted that not all videos can be downloaded to the offline version. Check this link to know about the YouTube features offline.

5. Compression of data in the browser

A number of browser or browser has a default feature that automatically compresses data. This feature is very useful for those who frequently surf the Internet using a mobile phone.

Browsers have this feature, among others, Chrome and Opera Mini. Both use their own servers to compress the data that a user visits the site, and then send it in the form of data that has been minimized.

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