Sabtu, 09 September 2017

How to Quickly Clean RAM iPhone

With so many applications open and running on the iPhone, making use of RAM is so much increased. When the greater RAM usage, the effect makes the iPhone so slow. How to cope?

There are several ways you can do to clean up RAM so make iPhone back smoothly back. Including by restarting the iPhone, which means it is mostly done by the users. With the restart, we restore the phone to its original state.

Another way to do is to install third-party applications. There are a number of applications that can help clean up RAM iPhone. Some of which are available free of charge in the App Store, such as checkers, iFullStat, System Status and others.

If you are reluctant to restart or install an application, there is an easy way to free up RAM iPhone. First press and hold the Power button until it says Slide to Power Off.

Then press and hold the Home button. After a few seconds we will return to the Home screen with RAM as the beginning.

Afterward, we can still see the applications that have been previously opened by double tapping the Home button. The application will be reloaded again when we suppress it.

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