Sabtu, 09 September 2017

This time VTIGA place HP and Laptop course, the arrival of the 10-inch tablet with a merk ViewPad 10s, have problems bootloop / stucklogo. This merk is not familiar in Indonesia, because it apparently comes from Thailand, especially confusing when looking at the specifications of this tablet is equipped turns of NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU.
Our first action was trying to get into its recovery mode, and it does not exist. Then try connecting to the PC, in the device manager terdetect ADBnya, we wrote langsungs beriperintah for wiping, but the results still nil condition is still stalled in bootloop.

Finally we conclude that for mngeatasi perkara like this we have to do flashing. The following preparation and an explanation:

A. Software and Materials prepared

1. ViewPad USB driver
2. ViewPad 10s Firmware
3. USB data cable to USB

B. Step Flashing

1. Turn off the ViewPad 10s, make sure the battery remaining 60% min, then connect the ViewPad 10s using a data cable to pc

2. Hold down the button 1 (the Back button) 1 second then hold the 2 button (power button), (try to keep the button 1 while holding down 2, then release the button 2 for 1 second, danlepaskatombol 1 for 1 second.

3. Then check whether the parts of the device manager has been detected "APX"

4. Right-click the "APX" and select "update driver software"

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