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Bir Billing Paragliding Cost Kangra Himachal Pradesh

Bir Billing Kangra Himachal Pradesh:

Bir is a Village located inwards the W of "Joginder Nagar" inwards Himachal Pradesh (India). Bir is likewise a domicile to a Tibetan refugee short town amongst several Buddhist Monasteries. Bir is situated inwards "Kangra" district. Bir is likewise known every bit a location for spiritual studies together with for meditation. Bir Billing is likewise considered for ane of the best spots for Paragliding together with likewise hosts the world Paragliding. Bir Billing hosts Paragliding championship every year. Billing is the house from where Paragliding starts together with halt at Bir. This hamlet is the best house for opportunity sports activities, specially for Paragliding. These sports activities are rubber together with secure together with all stkamurds security are taken attention past times the management. Besides Paragliding, yous tin flame likewise relish hither Equus caballus riding, trekking, mount cycle riding together with bullets cycle ride (bullet bikes furnish on rent).

Best agency to make inwards Bir Billing by Catching a flying from Delhi to Dharamshala (district Kangra) inwards simply over 1h 25 1000 together with fare charges starts from 2686 is the fastest way to create this journey. You tin flame likewise locomote in that location past times taxi, cars together with bikes. Dharamshala to Bir distance is 64.9 km together with yous tin flame operate in that location past times cars, bikes together with buses inwards simply over ii h vii min. Volvo buses are also available from Delhi to Dharamshala.

Bir Billing Paragliding cost Kangra Himachal Pradesh :

Cost-effectiveness is the master copy number for everyone. You tin flame relish your best moments of life at affordable price. In Bir Billing paragliding cost starts from 1500 to 3000 together with videography charges extra (15 to thirty min) Including GST. 

Best fourth dimension for Paragliding:
The best fourth dimension for Paragliding inwards Bir Billing is from March to June inwards Summers together with October to December in the Winters. Though in that location are non whatsoever such restrictions only the recommended weight of flyer should endure xv to ninety kgs.

Best paragliding sight inwards the world:
Paragliding at Bir Billing is ane of the best paragliding sites inwards the world, together with then nosotros cause got to create this ane time in our life to relish the magnificent panorama.

LocationBir Billing is located North Dharamshala District of Kangra.
Nearest City (Town)Palampur 24 KM
Distance from Chandigarh to Bir Billing6 h xx minute (285.5 km)
Distance from Delhi to Bir Billing10 h xiv minute (516 km)

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