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Many android telephone users reported proximity sensor upshot including Ximoni Redmi Y1,Redmi A1that telephone was afterwards simply about role shortly it seems that during a call the telephone covert lite is non turning off when it was lay almost the ear. It seems to move real frustrating together with is real irritating equally it creates many problems similar unknown manage the telephone yell upward fifty-fifty telephone yell upward disconnected.

Troubleshoot to solve the proximity sensor upshot inward Android telephone Wipe the cache partitioning:

What is this?
The organization cache partitioning stores temporary organization data. It's supposed to permit the organization to access applications to a greater extent than speedily together with efficiently, but sometimes things larn cluttered together with outdated thus a periodic cache clearing tin assistance brand the organization run to a greater extent than smoothly. It is dissimilar from clearing private app caches, together with it won't Pb to whatsoever loss of personal information or settings. Many companies concur together with recommend doing a cache wipe afterwards installing a organization update.

How to exercise this?
Press the VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER buttons all at the same fourth dimension together with HOLD THEM DOWN. Release entirely the POWER push when the device vibrates. Release the other buttons when the ANDROID SYSTEM RECOVERY covert appears. Using the VOLUME DOWN / UP buttons to navigate, select WIPE CACHE PARTITION.

Sensor Covered past times telephone case:

Check if you lot bring a telephone illustration on it that covers the proximity sensor? Please Try taking off the illustration together with encounter if that helps

Make Sure you lot banking concern tally the next setting:
Checkbox nether Settings > Device > Call Settings > Turn off covert during calls "Turn on proximity sensor during calls" is checked.

Turn off Auto brightness:
Redmi users are able to get the upshot past times changing car brightness is turned off together with and then restart the redmi phone. For many users this has worked equally car brightness characteristic of redmi seems to exercise problem for redmi phones.

Try to reset proximity sensor:
Dial *#36# to reset the proximity sensor together with this may fixed the problem.  The code may modify based on Android companionship or model. Please check.

Calibration is testing your phone's hardware together with software inward user mode. Go to settings -> About telephone -> tap 5 times on substance version -> proximity sensor.
Do a evidence past times putting the mitt over the proximity sensor, if your phone is failing the test, press calibrates button. If calibration push is greyed out, restart your telephone together with endeavour again. This affair may or may non operate well.

reset to mill setting or difficult reset your phone:
This may seem to get the occupation for 4-5 calls, but the user has reported that the upshot may re-occur over again afterwards sometimes.
Many redmi users repoprted proximity sensor occupation .they tin role inward a higher house methods together with tin solve at that spot proximity sensor problem.I promise this method volition solve your occupation who are facing proximity sensor issues.

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