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Many Redmi /Samsung galaxy phones users are facing virus/malware problem. There Redmi /Samsung galaxy phones gets all of a abrupt slow, using also much data, or showing corrupted data. Android virus/malware is a grouping of malicious applications that encrypt files, lock the screen, pocket personal data, deliver aggressive or infected ads in addition to crusade other problems on the affected Android smart phones or tablet.They could cause got downloaded infected applications that came along amongst virus/malware. Suspect applications are increasingly getting viruses onto your android telephone devices; these viruses tin flame impairment your telephone performance, also you lot believe your Android telephone or tablet has a virus thence the expert tidings is it actually piece of cake to delete? Here’s how to take a virus/malware from Redmi /Samsung Milky Way phones Plus, nosotros exhibit you lot how to take virus/malware from Android in addition to to forestall farther threats, you tin flame protect your android phones or tablets amongst antivirus applications you lot demand to download that, volition assistance you lot larn take virus/malware in addition to find your phone’s optimum performance. All Android viruses are delivered via 3rd political party applications installed on your Redmi /Samsung galaxy phone thence if you lot desire your Redmi /Samsung galaxy phones volition endure ever virus free, thence the best way to avoid it getting 1 is to never install software exterior of the Google Play applications store.For the virus gratis device never install applications from exterior the Google play.

How to depository fiscal establishment fit applications install from exterior the Google play?
To ensure you lot don’t  install malware through the installation of applications from exterior the Google Play, larn to your Redmi/samsung telephone Settings menu, hold off for the Security option, thence ensure the selection for Unknown Sources (allow installation of apps from unknown sources) is disabled. If you’re determined to install an app from exterior Google Play, create your research. Check its permission.
Go to telephone setting thence tap on security
Tap off the Unkwon sources 

What is virus/malware?
"virus/Malware" is brusque for malicious software in addition to used every bit a unmarried term to get upward to virus,worm,spy ware etc. Malware is designed to crusade impairment to a stkamulone computer, phones, tablets or a networked pc. So wherever a malware term is used it way a plan which is designed to impairment your computer, phones it may endure a worm, virus or Trojan.

To take virus/malware from your android phones recommended next these steps:

1.Reboot to security mode
Hold in addition to Press your Redmi/Samsung galaxy telephone ability push clit for a few seconds until Android prompts you lot to plough off your phone—just every bit you lot would commonly to create ability it down. Next step, tap in addition to concur Power off push clit for a few seconds until your telephone asks you lot to confirm that you lot desire to enter safe mode.

2.Always android continue upward to date
First cheque the android is updated or not. if your redmi/samsung galaxy telephone android is non updated thence you lot cause got to updated it .

3.Install antivirus applications
For protection of your Redmi /Samsung galaxy you lot demand to restart the device to accept it out of Safe mode. Now it’s working correctly this is a expert fourth dimension to backing upward whatever the of import information stored on the device, in addition to at 1 time you lot tin flame install an Android antivirus application to protect your Redmi /Samsung galaxy android phones from whatsoever hereafter viruses that come upward your way.You tin flame install many Antivirus available for your android phones from the Google shop in addition to also from the redmi/samsung galaxy telephone store.Some of the expert antivirus applications similar AVG Antivirus, Avast, McAfee, Norton security, Kaspersky mobile antivirus in addition to AVL etc.
How to install antivirus applications?
Launch the Google Play application on your Redmi /Samsung galaxy phone.
On Google Play, lawsuit search for AVG Antivirus On the search results screen, click the AVG Antivirus for Android production you lot desire to download. Follow the instructions on the covert to consummate the download process.

Search AVG Antivirus
Tap to Install AVG Antivirus
Tap to scan 

4.Run antivirus scanner
Run the scanner first, Scan your telephone fourth dimension to time,this scan is able to position the virus in addition to take it. Always update your scanner when update is needed. Some viruses must endure removed manually. You should solely endeavor this if you lot are experienced at using the Windows Registry in addition to know how to thought in addition to delete the plan files. 

5.Factory Reset
Click the Settings icon on your Redmi /Samsung galaxy phones. You tin flame uncovering it amidst other apps.
Select Privacy (or Personal) and Factory reset (you tin flame also uncovering it as Factory information reset, Backup & reset, etc.).We recommend selecting Back upward my data to protect it from the loss.
Click Reset device to take virus in addition to other storage from your device.

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