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How to hit well cuts off piece playing a video

Many Samsung Galaxy users are facing an effect that piece watching a video (YouTube, Twitter) the sounds cutting off ii seconds inwards between. The well cutting effect inwards Samsung galaxy s8 is non faced amongst headphones. fifty-fifty multiple restarts did non attention to fix the effect inwards Samsung Milky Way s8. The band is bully but this is getting annoying. it's impossible to sentinel or brain to anything.

In instance you lot are too facing effect amongst your Samsung galaxy s8 sound occupation Then how to hit sound/Audio cuts off piece playing a video delight follow below steps:

Fix 1`: manufacturing flora reset
 Factory reset your Samsung galaxy s8 in addition to reinserted the microSD card. This should hit well issue.

Fix 2: Boot inwards rubber mode
Might survive only about 3rd political party app is creating this well effect on your device. So, kicking the band inwards rubber manner to know this. Below are steps for booting Samsung Milky Way S8 into rubber mode:
Turn off the device first
Next, press the Power push for few seconds till you lot honor Samsung logo on the screen.
Release the ability primal in addition to then in addition to concur downwards the Volume downwards push till the band completes restarting in addition to rubber manner appears at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Hopefully, this volition function on your device in addition to fix sound cuts off piece playing a video.

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