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Trekking to Prashar Lake Mandi Himachal Pradesh
         Written yesteryear Ishan Sharma

Where is Prashar Lake located:

Prashar lake is 75.3 km to the North of Mandi. Prashar lake mandi is located inwards "Himachal Pradesh" District "Mandi" at a top of 2730 one thousand inwards a higher identify body of body of water level. It is 1 of the most beautiful identify inwards "Himachal Pradesh". 

Distance from Chandigarh to Prashar lake: 7h 34min (258km)
Distance From Delhi to Prashar Lake: 11h 21min (488km)

What is peachy most Prashar Lake:

The Prashar Lake Mandi Himachal Pradesh india is also known equally a Mysterious lake inwards Himachal Pradesh because of its floated island and till straight off no 1 has been able to detect out the depth of the Prashar Lake, circular shaped isle inwards betwixt the lake ever fraught amongst light-green grass. Prashar Lake is an oval-shaped lake inwards Mandi in addition to a perfect vacation goal with snow-capped mountains. The identify also famous for 3 storied temples of "Prashar rishi Ji". This temple is built yesteryear the manful individual monarch of Mandi "Maharaja Baansen" inwards the 13th century inwards pagoda style. Prashar rishi was a Maharishi in addition to the writer of many ancient Indian texts. He was the grandson of "Vashishtha Ji" the boy of "Sakti maharishi Ji" in addition to the begetter of "Vyasa Ji". He was the writer of the 1st Purana " TheVishnu Purana".

What is the best fourth dimension to view Prashar Lake Distt Mandi HP

The best fourth dimension to view Prashar Lake is inwards summers from March-April. If you lot desire to relish snowfall session  you lot tin operate in that place inwards betwixt January-February month. However, it is non a adept selection to view the identify inwards monsoon equally route to the lake may instruct risky. The persuasion is ever beautiful inwards winters equally good equally summertime too. In summers you lot tin relish the beauty of nature equally persuasion looks light-green everywhere in addition to inwards winters the path in addition to surrounding are covers amongst snowfall that volition definitely attract your soul in addition to mind. When you lot volition hold upwards visiting hither the beauty of this identify gets stashed inwards your memories forever.

Prashar Lake track:

Prashar Lake track is 1 of the best runway routes inwards the region. You tin relish the beauty of this runway amongst your identify unit of measurement in addition to friends. Travelling on NH21 you lot volition achieve inwards hamlet "Bajaura" district Kullu from hither you lot tin initiative of all your journeying to "Prashar lake". The distance from "Bajaura" to "Prashar lake" is l km in addition to other route turns from "Mandi" (IIT kamand ) route. The trail begins at "Baagi village" passes through the jungles in addition to hilly top accompanied yesteryear the Dholadhar range. Even Kinnaur in addition to pkamul peaks are visible through this trek route. You tin achieve "Prashar lake" yesteryear bus, taxi, auto in addition to bikes etc. 

For Stay at Prashar Lake:

For remain at "Prashar lake" woods residue solid in addition to resorts are ever available, you lot tin remain at black there, along amongst your tents

              "The indispensable affair most this identify is that it is beyond our imagination. I am brusque of words to explicate it's natural beauty. You should Visit "Prashar lake" to add together 1 to a greater extent than goal inwards your dream diary".

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