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How to Get a Drone Out of a Tree - A little "tutorial", finally it's more a feedback from experience.
Basically, I did the job I wanted to find when I had my Drone (well) blocked at 18meter in the open field.

Then before starting the commands of which not to do (guaranteed failure):

  1. You will not send stones / other by hand because beyond 15meter you will make a dislocation of the shoulder 
  2. The PVC tubes to be nibbled you will forget - beyond 6 meters any diameter will bend. 
  3. Go up in the tree you will not try, beyond 8 meters is suicide (some woods break without warning) 
  4. The fishing rod + lead you will try, but not sure that you will get there = not accurate beyond 10 meters. 

If I managed to send a lead attached to a fishing wire over the branch in question, I could let it slip on the ground, tie a big rope, can pull up all the lot that the rope replaces the fishing line and that I use the rope to shake the branch .... but yes it's simple:

Having already bought a fishing rod, I already had a good base, 

So, I invested in a stone launcher hoping to find a way to use both. 

The basic equipment: 
  • Telescopic fishing rod 15 € 
  • A stone thrower with red elastic (very important = more powerful / resistant ) 21 € + red elastic 10 €
  • Leads of 30g (important you will see): 4 € but knowing that you lose a stock - A reel of fishing line for the big catch
  • 40 meter of good twisted rope: 10 € 
  • Time to learn how to tame the speargun and break in your synchronization and learn how a fishing rod reel works if necessary. 
  • Ah! yes and gloves because there were nettles 
Here I have more than you explain how I organized with the brothel. 

1 - Replace the wire of the fishing rod with the wire of quality for big poiscaille2 - pass the thread only in the last ring of the bottom of the fishing rod (the biggest), keep the fishing rod fold (well I mean do not take out the telescopic element) 

3 - Tie the lead to the wire.

3 - Place the lead in the location provided on the slingshot taking care to ensure that the wire can freely circulate when the lead will leave 

4 - Place the fishing rod (folded) on the ground between your legs (yes, it's not clear) go a picture: (mashed, I would not do it every day lol) 6- IMPORTANT always think of each throw
to disengage the reel so that the wire runs smoothly if it is to choose the lead that disappears in the distance, or the lead that comes against you lol 

5 - Swing the sauce!

Tip: when you miss and you bring back the wire, it is possible that the lead is taken in leaves or other I advise you to make a big sudden movement to bring the lead by pulling on the wire, then to roll after.

Once the lead is over the branchlet it down gently, tie the big rope taking care not to leave anything that could get stuck (me I surround the whole tape) and made up. Again be careful because the wire can dig the branch and get stuck preventing the lead from reaching the ground, or prevent the rope from rising, hence the importance of not using too light lead, and to go slowly. 

There is more to shake. So I had a chance to whew because the drone is falling into my hand, but I advise you to put a large quilt on the ground. 

I leave you with this image of my first conclusive test but with a rope too thin at the time of shaking it broke TO DIE !!!

OUF I finished! I hope that it will save drones !!! ENJOY 

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