Sabtu, 17 Februari 2018

Within Android, there are many applications installed by default that are unknown its usefulness, although they are very helpful in our day to day and we run into them without knowing it. This is what happens with WebView, an internal Android application with which many of you sure, if not all, have ever encountered. Today we will explain what it is.

WebView, in other words, the internal browser of Android applications

WebView is an application provided by Android to which developers have access when programming their applications. How many times have you been in an application and at a certain moment you have used a website to, for example, make a payment? Well, that's WebView, the browser integrated into an application, as is also the case with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Of course, the developer can make available to the user to open in the internal browser or give the option to open in the web browser that has installed on the device. But there will be times, as in payments, that we have no choice.

The questions about what WebView comes from the launch of Android Lollipop and its arrival to more devices on the market. The reason is that users have seen an update of " WebView Android system " and it is because, from Android version 5.0, this sub-application will be in Google Play. This is because it is a tool vulnerable to malware and has to be updated to strengthen the security of user data.

Until before Android Lollipop was launched, manufacturers had to launch a full software update to correct a WebView security flaw. But if we take the application to Google Play, the update of the sub-application can be immediate and without the need for an OTA update. So, that's why we see on some occasions that this application is updated because it corrects certain failures continuously.

As a tip, I would always recommend updating this application, which is free.

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