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Even though it is one of the best Android smartphones today, it can not be said that the LG G6 is perfect. With so many features available, one can imagine that the device does not have the best battery life during a day of intense use. The good news is that you can always change your habits and take measures that greatly improve the use of a load of a smartphone like that. To learn how to make the LG G6 battery last much longer, just check out our tips right below!

1. Decrease brightness

This tip is already old, but remains as one of the best measures to save your battery. Although it is cool to have a lighted display, this does not help much if the charge ends after a few hours.

So, let the brightness go much lower whenever possible. This will not only save the LG G6 battery but also make your eyes more comfortable.

2. Activate the Twelve

As the LG G6 already comes the Android Nougat installed from the factory, you have the "Doze" feature right away. It serves to recognize when the device is not being used and slows down its internal activities so that the battery is spared.

This guarantees a savings of at least 50% of your battery. Since Doze is already turned on by default, all you have to do is leave your smartphone with the screen facing down when you're not using it.

3. Learn how the battery is used

In the settings of your device, you will see the option "Battery". There you can check the exact percentage of how your battery is being used. The screen will be in first place, but otherwise, it will give you a good sense that apps are blatantly consuming your load.

This will definitely help you better manage your application usage and know how to manage things in the future.

4. Use battery saving

You may have noticed that the LG G6 always warns you about the battery life when the charge is below 15%, you just need to click the button to activate the feature.

The cool thing is that this feature is always available to be enabled in your settings as well. It does just a few simple tweaks (involving glow, wi-fi usage, background apps, etc.) but is very handy for anyone who wants a quick way to save their load.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi

We know that using the internet on the smartphone is something very important to most people, but this can be a real problem for the LG G6 battery. The load suffers even more because of the applications that use the internet constantly, which ends up draining the battery in a short time.

Our tip is that you turn off Wi-Fi when you are busy or you will not be using the device for a few minutes. It may not seem like it, but this simple action will make a difference at the end of the day.

6. Turn off the GPS

The default is that Google will let you find where you are with the GPS service, but there's no reason to leave it turned on if you're not going to use it.

To disable the feature, simply go to your settings and look for the "Location" option. There you'll see the Google Location Report, where you must click and deactivate your GPS location options.

7. Turn off Bluetooth

Although it has already been very useful in the past, Bluetooth is more suitable for those who use accessories with this technology nowadays. Since this is far from the case for most people, we recommend that you simply leave the feature disabled when you are not going to use it.

Turning Bluetooth on and off is easy to find, as it appears when you slide the Android screen up and down. Just like with Wi-Fi and GPS, this will save a lot the LG G6 battery.

8. Do not leave apps open

We know that it's very common to open and use multiple apps at the same time, leaving many of them in the background. More normal still is to forget that they are still open and using their battery gradually.

To remedy this, just click the rectangle button next to your Android home button. It shows all applications that are open and allows you to close whatever you want.

9. Use apps that manage the battery

There are many apps that promise magic results in saving your Android battery, but most are just waiting for malware to be installed on your smartphone. If you really want apps that help with LG G6 battery management, our best recommendations are Greenify, Snapdragon Battery Guru, and Snapdragon Battery Guru.

All of these apps basically serve to keep an eye on your load and give you options to save it quickly and efficiently. They are good options for those who do not have much time to be checking all the details that we list here.

10. Do not charge for a short time

One mistake that many people make in the day-to-day running is to charge the cell phone for short periods of time just to ensure a little more charge in the short term. The problem is in addition to not being efficient at all, this can also bring problems to the battery in the future which may last less.

Of course, doing this from time to time in situations really necessary does not bring problems, but avoid doing it steadily. If you're running out of time and want to make sure your battery will charge a little faster, just turn on airplane mode, which will temporarily shut down many apps and services that consume a lot of battery power.

11. Uninstall heavy apps

We've already talked about not letting multiple apps open, but another interesting tip is to identify and uninstall heavier apps that you do not use as much.

In addition to freeing up space on your smartphone, you'll be getting rid of apps that are more likely to consume your battery in a short time. Generally, mobile games are big culprits.

12. Avoid widgets

Of course, widgets are beautiful, functional and give a different look to your mobile device, but it's no use putting a lot of them on your home screen if this will drain the LG G6 battery quickly. As they are always consuming resources and using visual effects, there is no way to use them efficiently.

Our main tip on this subject is that you use one or two widgets that really are useful, such as a calendar or weather forecast.

13. Avoid Animated Wallpapers

Just like the widgets, the animated wallpapers are cool and give your phone a cool look, but they also run out of battery like nobody else.

This also happens because they are in constant use, as you may have imagined. Fortunately, there are many interesting wallpapers for Android, so it's best to give preference to a common one if you want to save the LG G6 battery.

14. Avoid videos by streaming

Streaming videos are always a great way to pass the time, but they are also true to consume drums like no one else. This is because in addition to using the screen and audio of your smartphone uninterruptedly, these services must be constantly connected to the internet.

These three factors drain your battery in a very short time, something you surely must have already realized. So, leave this activity for when you can recharge your load when needed.

15. Turn off automatic updates

Android automatic app updates are enabled by default on smartphones, which make your life easier, but that consumes a lot of battery power.

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