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Samsung's smartphones are usually of excellent quality, but if it has something that has irritated its users for years, it's because Android installed on the handsets is so modified. This is something that all businesses have to do to avoid paying more money to Google due to operating system licenses. The big problem is that the modification of Samsung known as TouchWiz is far from ideal, which has caused a lot of slowness and crashes in the past. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple ways to get rid of TouchWiz, as you can see right below!

How to Get Rid of Touchwiz Samsung

1. Disable Touchwiz apps

To get you started, you can do something simpler and simply disable Touchwiz applications. To do this, just go to your settings and click on the "Applications" option.

While there, look for all of Samsung's special apps (pretty much everyone has the company name in the title), click on each, and turn off all of the options presents. This includes notifications, cache, additional data, etc. Of course, this does not remove TouchWiz, but at least get rid of apps that are useless and still consuming memory.

2. Install a launcher

Another solution is to install a launcher on your smartphone. In this way, all the appearance of the smartphone and even the way the applications are displayed will be changed and you will not have to deal with the TouchWiz.

3. Root the device

Finally, there is also a more drastic way to get rid of TouchWiz on your Samsung smartphone. If you do not want to follow our tips above, it is still possible to root in the device and modify what you want freely.

We only recommend you think hard about it since doing root is not the simplest process in the world. Also do a lot of research, since the process may be very different for each specific smartphone model. This is the only way to permanently remove Touchwiz.

Did you like the tips?

Could you take our tips to learn how to remove the TouchWiz from your Samsung smartphone? Do not forget to leave your comment telling us what you found and everything went well.

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