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In certain social networks, such as Facebook, it is very easy and obvious to know if someone blocked you or not, since you can even check this information using other profiles. But in chat apps, like WhatsApp, this can be a bit trickier.

Still, if you pay attention to some details, it is possible to at least get a sense of whether someone is avoiding you on purpose. If you want to know more, just check out our tips on finding out if you've been blocked in Whatsapp!

1. Check the last time the person was online

When you click on a specific conversation with someone in Whatsapp, you can see the information the last time the person was online or what time they checked the app. It always appears under the name of the person in question, but if it is not there, it can mean two things.

It may have blocked you, which prevents you from knowing about your use of the app, or may have disabled the feature that lets others know about this information. Since very few people even know that this feature can be disabled, this can be a good indication of a possible deadlock.

2. Try to add the person to a group

An almost foolproof way of knowing about the possible block is to try to add someone to a group and not succeed. When you're blocked in Whatsapp, there's no longer any way to make this action so simple, since the app says you're not allowed to do this with the contact in question.

This is a simple, efficient and least invasive way (at least in most cases) of knowing if someone is avoiding you.

3. Try to make a call

It may seem like a desperate move, but at worst, you can still say that you accidentally called, something still very common in Whatsapp. The reason for doing this is that you just can not complete calls to people who have blocked you, so it's another good way to find out the information.

Of course, you will not be able to call someone if they are not connected to the internet, so do not rush and use the other tips to get a better sense of the situation.

4. See the profile picture

A lot of people love to change Whatsapp's profile photo often, so you can simply use this information to your advantage. If you notice that someone has been with the same photo for months, it could mean that you have been blocked and that you no longer have access to this kind of information about the person.

Another indication is if the person's photo simply disappears, leaving the space blank. A good way to check is to check the person's profile through the contacts of a mutual friend, since there are many users who do not exchange so much photo.

5. Pay Attention to Tics

One thing more certain than the previous topic is the tics that appear when you send a message. As you may already know: a gray tick means the message has been sent, but the message has not yet reached the recipient. Two gray ticks mean the message has arrived but has not yet been read. Finally, two blue tics mean that the person has already received and read his message.

When you are blocked by someone, the messages will not even reach the person, which means you will always see only a gray tic. Of course this can happen if the person is without an internet connection, but if you realize that there is still only a gray tic after a few days, it is certain that it has been blocked.

Find out if it was blocked in Whatsapp?
So, were you able to use our tips to find out if someone was actually blocked in Whatsapp? Do not forget to leave a comment telling us if you have any questions so we can help!

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