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Top 10 best hidden features of Redmi mi5 pro/MIUI 9

Top 10 best hidden features of Redmi mi5 Federal Reserve annotation pro/MIUI 9 ,lets accept a await on mi Federal Reserve annotation five pro best hidden features.


1. Face Unlock

Face lock is a novel inbuilt too interesting characteristic inwards Redmi novel phones similar Redmi mi5 pro, Redmi Federal Reserve annotation 5pro too MIUI 9,go to setting therefore larn to lock enshroud too password,then click on add together facial expression upward information too you lot tin add together your facial expression upward motion painting at that topographic point too at nowadays you lot tin endeavour to opened upward unlock telephone recognition.
we desire app railroad train according to us past times default only about times apps is changed therefore at nowadays you lot tin railroad train layout of telephone too lock them. Go to recent push too concur it for few seconds 
now lock layout enshroud choice volition seem at that topographic point ,enable it.

2. Call recording inbuilt feature

Call recording characteristic is available inwards mi5 pro/MIUI nine .It is inbuilt feature, this is really of import characteristic because If you lot desire to tape telephone telephone automatically therefore opened upward your telephone dialar
button therefore tap on 3 dots left bottom side of your telephone screen, setting choice volition seem ,tap on it at nowadays you lot tin encounter telephone telephone tape choice is showing ,enable it .Now you lot tin  all calls record automatically.

3. Move all apps together

New characteristic is likewise added in Redmi mi5 pro/miui 9. All apps deed together 1 enshroud to other screen.If you lot desire to deed all apps together from enshroud to other enshroud you lot tin swipe from your 2 fingers similar zoom inwards too at nowadays tick whom apps you lot desire to move. Its really slowly too best characteristic inwards mi5 pro phone.

4. Make shortcut for flashlight on habitation screen

If you lot desire to on your telephone torchlight therefore you lot tin on it from notification panel. rather therefore larn to notification panel you lot tin larn to additional setting too likewise practise shortcut for on your telephone torchlight. Double tap on lock push volition likewise opened upward torchlight.

5. Dual bring upward dorsum Camera

The Redmi mi five Pro comes amongst its origin dual photographic tv set camera telephone of Redmi series. In the Redmi mi5 Pro, Xiaomi has used a setup of a 12-megapixel sensor amongst 5-megapixel to offering portrait photography.Of late, Xiaomi has turned its attending towards, Selfies too its the same amongst Redmi mi5 pro every bit it comes amongst 20-megapixel selfie photographic tv set camera amongst Sony IMX376 sensor.

6.Front finger impress scaner

Redmi mi5 Pro became the origin device in the lineup, which has got the scanner on the display, built into the ceramic Home key. A similar place of the scanner tin be seen in the flagship Xiaomi Mi5.

7. Native Video Calling/Direct Video Calling

On your native telephone telephone larn to your telephone dialer too type whatever release whom you lot desire to telephone telephone at nowadays you lot tin encounter straight off video telephone telephone is showing on dialer app.

8.Dual apps

you tin  use 2 applications together on 1 telephone .If you lot desire purpose 2 facebook or whatsapp accounts together therefore you lot tin practise easily past times larn to setting too tap dual app choice at nowadays you lot tin made duplicate facial expression upward mass or whats app trouble organisation human relationship on your redmi mi5 pro too likewise inwards Redmi Federal Reserve annotation 5.

9.Three fingers swipe  Screenshot option

In Redmi mi5 pro telephone You tin purpose novel characteristic for screenshot amongst 3 fingers swipe option.this is really slowly too fast,go to settings too therefore tap on additional setting choice at nowadays you lot tin encounter push too gesture choice at nowadays tap on it at nowadays you lot conduct maintain to conduct 3 finger swipe choice tap on it, thats it.

10. Wifi too Hot Spot on same time

In mi5 pro you tin on wifi too hot spot  same time.

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