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How to develop android  decreasing volume  automatically piece playing during music/ringtone/call

What is this?

Many peoples are facing problems that at that topographic point device book is at high marking but volume is decreasing continuously to zero as well as telephone proceed vibrating .It seems got a  lot of dissonance as well as the audio doesn’t experience right.Sometimes, when they root the vocal the book volition move high but decreases automatically. Mi4i/Redmi/Samsung telephone users are complaint, this is really frustrating consequence as well as at that topographic point is no solution given squad till directly how to develop device decreasing book automatically to nada piece playing during music/ringtone/call.

How to develop this?
Yes at that topographic point are possible fixes as well as workaround to develop android book decreasing continuous consequence ,as follow:

Fix 1
Go to Settings>>Scroll downwardly until yous respect "About phone", tap on it>>Scroll downwardly as well as respect "Kernel Version", tap it multiple times (at to the lowest degree 3-4 times). This takes us to "Hardware tests">>Now tap on "Speaker PA Calibration Test", this opens upwards approximately other window alongside "Calibrate" button>>Tap on "Calibrate" push clit this volition calibrate the audio organization as well as when it is "pass" yous are done. If the calibration fails, terminal 6. whatsoever application running related alongside book similar playing vocal as well as elbow grease i time again till it is pass.

Fix 2
Go to Ringtones>>Do Not Disturb>>Volume Buttons >>Shortcut to off.

Fix 3
Go into Settings, as well as thence Music as well as the plough off Sound Check (this is Settings for your phone, non Spotify settings).

Fix 4 
Many users of the lollipop are too experiencing  same work at that topographic point device book automatically decreasing  to zero  fifty-fifty if yous laid it to the highest level.
It is caused  by the “Volume In Pocket” feature.

Fix 5
Some users are facing that at that topographic point book decreasing to nada as well as proceed vibrating. This develop volition solve their work who are affecting alongside this issue  become to Settings selection >> Then become to My Device>>and tap on CALL.>>Scroll downwardly to Increase Volume In Pocket.>>Deselect it.

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