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How to accept screenshot on Redmi Note 5/ Redmi Note five pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Note five / Redmi Note 5 pro are basically the same lineup phones .This way that the procedure of taking a screenshot on the Redmi Note five Pro is the same on the stkamurd Redmi Note 5. And it’s  really uncomplicated in addition to really helpful to mi users.

What is screenshot ?

A screenshot, sometimes referred to equally a concealment gab or screencap an ikon that shows the contents of a mobile or figurer display. Screenshots allow y'all capture precisely what you’re seeing on your concealment to portion alongside others or reference later,Take a screenshot alongside inward Android,iPhone,window phones procedure is ever different. Every phones cause got at that topographic point ain procedure to accept screenshots. This is really of import in addition to really helpful for every android,iPhone,redmi users. Screenshots are likewise useful to relieve snippets of anything y'all cause got on your concealment that cannot live on easily printed. 

Taking a screenshot on Redmi Note three ,Redmi Note four ,Redmi Y1, Redmi 5A ,Redmi Note five in addition to Redmi Note five pro is really uncomplicated in addition to ever similar. Today I volition laissez passer y'all simply about methods which attention y'all how to accept screenshot on Redmi Note five /Redmi Note five pro. Here are ii dissimilar methods to accept screenshot .

Method 1: Menu Option

  1. Open the concealment which y'all desire to capture on your Redmi phone.
  2. You cause got to swipe the notification bar to bottom in addition to y'all at in 1 trial y'all tin run into the Toggles.
  3. Now y'all tin run into Screenshot selection is available at that topographic point .
  4. Now y'all cause got to Tap on this selection which volition capture screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/ Redmi Note five pro.

Method 2: Hard ware Option
  1. Firstly, y'all cause got to opened upwards the concealment whose screenshot y'all desire to capture
  2. After opening the concealment ,you cause got to press combination of Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Now y'all cause got successfully captured screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.
  4. Now y'all tin portion captured screenshot from your device on social media, ship past times mail,and y'all tin likewise relieve them inward your data.

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