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How to Import/export Contacts from sim to Xiaomi Redmi complaint 5/redmi complaint five pro [MIUI 9]

Many Xiaomi Redmi complaint 5/ Redmi complaint five pro users uncovering it difficulty inwards performing Import or export of contacts from sim to their respective devices.Xiaomi has the alternative to Import/export the contacts inwards the Contacts App which is the commons illustration seen inwards other device. Redmi complaint five as well as Redmi complaint five pro are the same category phones as well as therefore in that place settings alternative are virtually similar. You tin import or export contacts amongst next same given steps on other xiaomi phones. 
To brand redmi scream upward users chore easier,here are sharing uncomplicated steps on how to Import or export Contacts on Xiaomi Redmi phones running on MIUI 9.

How to Import/Export Contacts from sim to xiaomi Redmi complaint 5/Redmi complaint five pro[MIUI 9]

Step 1.Go to your redmi scream upward setting option, tap on it.
Step 2.Scroll upward as well as tap on System Apps alternative nether the Accounts alternative as well as tap on it.
Step 3.You tin Tap on Contacts Option.
Step 4.Now yous tin meet Import/Export contacts alternative available, tap on it.
Step 5.Here yous tin meet 2 dissimilar options are available Import as well as Export.
Step 6.This is upto your choice, yous tin Import or re-create the contacts from Storage or SIM card onto your XiaomI Redmi complaint five phone.

How to import contacts

How to Import Contacts?

To import contacts, yous tin easily pick the file from the storage or SIM yesteryear selecting the preferred alternative inwards the Import menu. If it’s saved on the storage, tap the Import from storage as well as lead the required file. You volition hold out given a listing of vcard files afterward scanning the storage. Your contacts volition presently import on your device.

How to Export Contacts?  

To export the contacts saved on the device, tap the Export to storage. Your contacts volition hold out saved to the internal storage amongst a file advert 00001.vcf. If in that place is already a file amongst the same name, the contacts backup volition hold out saved amongst 00002.vcf. MIUI volition export all the contacts that seem inwards the Contacts app including whatever contacts synced from the Google account.

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