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Xiaomi Redmi complaint 5/Redmi complaint five pro-How to Remove Gmail/Google Account 

Many Redmi Note 5/Redmi complaint five pro users wants to know how to take away gmail concern human relationship from redmi device.Remove a Gmail Account from  Redmi device is really unproblematic together with easy. We volition nation yous how yous tin take away your Gmail/Google Account from your device.But earlier delete an Account yous must know what volition locomote on if yous volition delete Gmail/Google Account from your Redmi device? This volition interrupt all the services linked amongst the Google including Play shop ,Gmail,Photos ,Music,Videos all Synced amongst Gmail. Also yous volition no longer to live on able to role Youtube and yous volition unable to ship or have postal service inwards Gmail.
Now if yous really want to delete the Gmail/Google concern human relationship ,you tin commencement take away your account. Detailed steps are given below:

How to take away Gmail Account from Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/Redmi Note five pro

Step 1.Go to telephone setting.

Step 2.Now tap on it.

Step 3.Now scroll downward together with discovery Sync pick ,now tap together with opened upward it.

Step 4.You tin run across Google pick volition look on display ,tap on it.

Step 5.Gmail concern human relationship volition opened upward here, straightaway on this yous tin run across App data,Calendar,Chrome,Contacts etc options are available at that topographic point .

Step 6.Now on this page at the bottom More pick volition run across yous ,you convey to tap on it .

Step 7.Sync now together with Remove account options are available ,now tap Remove account together with hence remove account .
Now your Gmail account is successfully deleted.

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