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One of the problems that sometimes appear on Xiaomi devices is the problem on the camera, one of which is happening on the camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Lemot that I have ever experienced, the camera is very lag or very sluggish once, even sometimes make the device hang, so it is necessary to restart (restart).

But fortunately, the problem on the camera that lags in the HP Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 There is a solution, namely by updating the ROM to the latest version.
In addition to the problem of lag camera, another problem that often occurs on the camera Xiaomi, ie the camera is dead and will not turn on or does not open dark at all with the emergence of error message/error: Can't connect to camera or can not connect to the camera, usually, this problem occurs on Xiaomi front camera.

Problem on Xiaomi camera that dead does not turn on, usually one cause is a user flashing ROM or update ROM to the latest version and ROM used is not suitable, but can also be a dead camera because of damage to camera device in HP used.
Some cases of the device that happens to be unwilling to turn on or off can be solved in several ways, but it is likely that it will not work if the cause of the camera dies because the hardware or camera device in HP is damaged.
Tips on solving the Xiaomi camera error (can't connect to the camera) for those of you who happen to have an error on your Xiaomi device with error can't connect to a camera, the following tips can you try to recover your Xiaomi HP Camera:

1. Clear Cache & Data in the camera application the first way you can handle the camera will not turn on is by doing the deletion on the camera data, the steps are as follows:

  • A. Go to the Settings page
  • B. Click the installed Apps/preinstalled apps option
  • C. Then find and click on the camera app/camera to go to the app info page
  • D. Then please click Clear Data and Clear cache
  • E. Please do a restart and try again front camera of your Xiaomi HP
In some cases this way can solve the Xiaomi camera that error can't connect to the camera.

2. Flashing ROM (upgrade/downgrade) if the first way is still not able to solve the problem on your Xiaomi device camera, then you can go through this second way is to update or downgrade the ROM hp Xiaomi via Flashing or updater application if you can.
If you experience camera error after flashing, then most likely the ROM you use does not fit or many bugs, to restore the camera to return to normal one of which is to downgrade to ROM before.
If the second way is still not able to handle the camera on your Xiaomi HP, another possibility is that the camera device on your Xiaomi HP can be problematic or damaged.

3. Bring to the nearest Xiaomi service center. This is the last step if the second step is still not able to handle the camera on your Xiaomi HP, most likely the hardware device is problematic.
The solution is to replace it, or at least you should make sure that there is damage to the camera, by contacting the nearest service center

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