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The missing signal case is arguably the usual classic problem found on Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime.
Generally, such problems occur after the user has just done the MIUI Update to the higher version or when after the change MIUI ROM from China version to Global version in order to Xiaomi Support Indonesian device.

The problem of missing signals is actually happening only in some type. On Xiaomi REDMI 2 or Redmi 2 Prime, only with the 2014811 and 2014813 product models are often experiencing such problems.

Signal loss problems are often struck in some types of Xiaomi Redmi 2/Prime because the case as mentioned above is indeed very scary when encountered. But fortunately, the problem can still be fixed easily, one of them by Flashing a NON-HLOS Modem to Xiaomi devices as shown below.

Required Preparation:

First, please download one of the NON-HLOS modems that fit your device model below:

  1. For Xiaomi REDMI 2/Prime 2014811 here.
  2. For Xiaomi REDMI 2/Prime 2014813 here.
  3. For Xiaomi REDMI 2/Prime 2014817 here.
  4. For Xiaomi REDMI 2/Prime The code is not mentioned above i.e. code 2014812, 2014816, 2014818, 2014819, 2014821 here.

Product Model on Xiaomi REDMI 2/Prime You can know by way of viewing the information in the box or in the information contained in the rear body (battery pack) of the device.

Install NON-HLOS Modem via Mi Recovery, CWM or TWRP:

Save the NON-HLOS Modem file you downloaded to your device's internal memory. And rename the file to update. zip for you who want to do a flashing via Mi Recovery. (the name does not have to be changed if you flashing via CWM/TWRP custom recovery).

For example here is done flashing through Mi Recovery:

  1. Make sure the NON-HLOS Modem file is renamed to update. zip and has been saved in the device's internal memory.
  2. Turn off (turn-off) Xiaomi REDMI 2/Prime device, and ensure that the battery is adequate (save at least 50%).
  3. The device is turned off, please log in to Mi Recovery by pressing and holding the "Volume Up (+)" and "Power" buttons simultaneously until the Recovery menu appears on the screen.
  4. On the first page of Recovery mode, select "English" to select the language. In Recovery mode use the buttons "Volume Up (+)" and "Volume Down (-)" to navigate (ascending) The menu, and use the "Power" button to execute the selected menu.
  5. Next, select the menu "Install Update. Zip to System" (Yes if the confirmation message appears). Wait for the process to finish.
  6. Once the process is complete, select "Back" to go back Helaman main menu. Then choose the Menu "Reboot Reboot to System One (latest)" To restart the device normally. Once lit, until here the signal to both the Simcard (SIM1 and SIM2) should be able to appear and normal again. But if it still does not work, try to Wipe it through recovery mode by selecting Wipe & Reset Select Wipe Cache and Wipe user Data (remember the Wipe process is only optional, please backup data in the past KRN data will be deleted to restore to the default settings/Factory).

Install NON-HLOS Modem can also pass the UPDATER application:

In addition to the recovery, NON-HLOS Modem files can also be installed directly through the Updater application in the following manner:

  1. Open the App "Updater/Update".
  2. Next tap the "three dots icon" in the upper right corner, then select the "Select Update Package" menu.
  3. Find and select the NON-HLOS Modem file you have downloaded earlier.
  4. The install process will start, wait and follow the ongoing process.
  5. Until here if everything goes smoothly, then the signal that was lost on Xiaomi REDMI 2/Prime device (product model 2014811 or 2014813) will be normal and reappeared.


The second process above has been successfully applied to the Xiaomi REDMI 2 Prime model 2014813 with the Global ROM Stable MIUI 7 (V based on Android Kitkat 4.4.4.

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