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If you have a complaint the Xiaomi Smartphone Speaker sounds you feel less than the maximum or, want to hear music with a maximum bass sound. If yes, then you should try this way to satisfy your ears.

Why Dolby Atmos?, because this application (Dolby Atmos) has a feature that is able to improve the sound quality on your Xiaomi Smartphone, not only that you can also manually set the high low even the type of sound that will be generated. Okay just go to the tutorial.

How to Install Dolby Atmos on All Types of Xiaomi Smartphones


Well before doing installation there are several conditions that must be met ie.

  • Your Xiaomi Smartphone should already be in a state Unlock Bootloader
  • Your Xiaomi Smartphone is TWRP installed

Tools and Materials:

How to Install:

  1. After the terms and materials have been fulfilled further to the installation process that you can see below.
  2. Remember that Dolby Atmos R 6.5. zip storage, usually after the above zip file in the download, will be saved in the Downloads folder. So we assume the file is stored in the Download folder.
  3. Turn off your Xiaomi Smartphone and enter Recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume UP and POWER buttons simultaneously.
  4. If the above way is somewhat complicated, you can try by way to the Settings menu then to About Phone then click on System Update then it will appear option Update Automatically? Just select NO Next click the Settings button in the upper right corner and select Reboot to Recovery mode
  5. Once the position is in TWRP Recovery mode, next click on Install then search for the Dolby Atmos R 6.5 file where it is located in the Download folder
  6. Once the file has been found, next you just click on it and Swipe to the right to do Flashing
  7. Wait for the process Flashing to finish, after which click Reboot System
  8. Finished.

Additional Info:

If you feel less comfortable with this Dolby Atmos application, you can uninstall Dolby Atmos by downloading the uninstaller file HERE, for the way the Uninstallnya just like how to install it, you can follow the way above.

How easy isn't it? That's how to easily install Dolby Atmos on your Xiaomi Smartphone, if you feel this post is helpful please share this article with your friends.

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