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For those who already understand Android definitely know what Fastboot is in HP Xiaomi. Because this is indeed one of the basic features that exist on the system.

Fastboot at a glance. Fastboot usually comes with an SDK (Software Development Kit) that works similarly to Recovery.

Don't know Recovery yet? Recovery is a basic system that serves to change the software on HP. For example, changing partitions, re-flashing the system, and so on.

It's not necessary to be forced if you still don't understand. Because the most question is, why can HP Xiaomi get into Fastboot?

Causes of Xiaomi Fastboot

The causes can vary. The most often can be due to the following three possibilities:

  1. Pressing the volume down button when the new HP is turned on
  2. Fastboot sign-in unexpectedly due to charging issues
  3. The system is experiencing a (Firmware) error where it cannot load perfectly

Fastboot can happen either intentionally or not. For example by using key combinations. It can be depressed or we want to put pressure on it.

How to Solve Xiaomi Fastboot

At first glance, hp in Fastboot mode may see an error. But that's not the case.

Fastboot is not a malfunction. HP can still be used, as long as the system is still normal.

Here are 3 ways to get out of Xiaomi's HP Fastboot mode:

1. With Power + Volume Key Combination

Xiaomi designs users to log in to Fastboot using certain key combinations. So did the exit.

It's like this:
  1. When Xiaomi is in Fastboot mode press the Power button + volume down
  2. Wait until HP restarts
  3. When the MI logo appears release the button
  4. Wait until HP finishes loading the system
Alternatives are other than the Power + volume down buttons. Can also add with volume up (Power + volume down + up).

Or in the following ways:
  1. Press the Power button for 8 – 10 seconds while hp Xiaomi is in Fastboot mode
  2. Wait a while for the cell phone to turn off
  3. After that restart the HP as usual
  4. Then Fastboot will disappear
These two ways can be used and Work for all types of Xiaomi HP that accidentally go into Fastboot mode. Already many in the test in HP Xiaomi like Redmi 4X and others.

2. Using CMD Commands

If you can't, other alternatives can be tried in slightly further away. I.e. using a computer and running commands in Command Prompt (CMD).

This way can be said to be powerful and safe. However, you need some preparation:
  1. USB data cable (Which can detect HP on Computer)
  2. Computer or Laptop at least Windows 7
  3. HP Xiaomi already enabled USB Debugging (We assume already)
Then on the laptop make sure there is fastboot ADB Driver data. Don't have any? Please install it first.. Can search on Google, a lot of it.

For these steps:
  1. Right-click Fastboot ADB File > Then Extract Here
  2. Go to the Fastboot Folder
  3. Connect the stuck HP Xiaomi in Fastboot mode with the data cable
  4. In the Fastboot ADB Folder > Right-click > And Then press Open Command Windows Here
  5. Will appear Command Prompt > Type fastboot devices > Then Enter
  6. Then type the fastboot reboot command > Press Enter
  7. Wait until Xiaomi restart is complete
The fastboot reboot command serves to eject HP from Fastboot mode to the system.

3. Remove Battery

Most Xiaomi HP does use planting batteries. But for the old Xiaomi type, there are also those that can still be removed.

If you're using that type of Xiaomi, try disconnecting the battery when hp is in Fastboot mode.

After that plug it back in. While your phone is off, please press the power button to turn on hp. Thus Fastboot will disappear and HP will enter the system as usual.

This can also actually be done for battery planting. But having to remove the case first and less recommended for the unfamiliar, especially never before.

Other solutions can try to wait until the Xiaomi HP battery runs out first > then restart it once in the charge.

Fastboot Over and Over again? What's the solution?

What if Fastboot mode happens over and over again?

Well. This is arguably one type of HP Xiaomi Bootloop. The feature is that when we try to exit Fastboot mode, hp will instead return to the Fastboot mode.

For this one the cause is a system error. This error left HP unable to load the system and eventually continued to open Fastboot as an alternative.

How to fix it should be done Flashing reset (The most effective).

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