Rabu, 07 Oktober 2020

Hello, this time I will review tips on how to display notes hidden in Xiaomi. Because someone has written a note in Xiaomi's built-in app, then in hiding/Hide. I don't even know how to show it again. Indeed, to hide a note is quite easy, just press and hold the note you want to hide. Then just push Hide down.

So, which button to look at the hidden notes? What's the best menu you've ever seen? What's in the file manager? Nor is there. Hehehe, that's not how it is. I explained how to display notes hidden in Xiaomi. I use MIUI 8 Rom Global.

  1. Open the Notes App on your Xiaomi. Yes, yes!
  2. In this section, drag from top to bottom until the "x note, sync with Mi Cloud off" appears.
  3. Pull again until the tip of the padlock is found. 've? Maybe you think this, hands have reached the bottom end of the screen, why not open the padlock? It's a bit tricky here. The tip is, once you look at the end of the padlock, hold down the screen first. Then with the other finger, continue pulling it down.
  4. Already, just enter your password (can pattern, pin, password, or fingerprint) and select the notes you want to display.
  5. Just press the note, then select Show. Finished. This feature can't be used if you haven't set security on your phone.

It's easy, now if you want to write anything quietly. No one's going to plow. Hehehe... It's so safe. Not necessarily you have another phone with built-in features like this.

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