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How to View MAC Address – If it's on a computer or laptop, a mac address may be something common to look for.

Then what about hp? It feels relatively rare, huh? Considering hp is usually only used for mobility-related needs only.

However, MAC Address on HP itself is sometimes also necessary. For example, when someone wants to check their network settings (filters) on WiFi.

Before moving on to the main topic, it would be nice if we recognize first let's what a MAC Address is.

MAC Address At A Glance

When discussed in a technical style it may be difficult to understand.

But in short, MAC Address is a unique number used specifically for network identification purposes.

With mac address, the modem (e.g. router) can recognize the device that is connected.

Because the number is unique, each HP must have a different MAC Address. The goal is to prevent hp connected to the network from experiencing an error.

How to Find Out Android MAC Address

On HP Android, this MAC Address can be found easily. Because the mac address checking menu is already provided directly from there (default).

Well, here I want to discuss how to find out the MAC Address on HP Android.

It can be applied to all Android phones. Starting from Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo, Huawei, and others, everything can.

1. How to Find Out your MAC Address Through Android Settings

Most easily, checking can be done through hp settings.

As I said earlier, this MAC Address can be found in the menu settings bawan Android. It's even been the standard since older Versions of Android.

For the steps, more or less this:

  • First, please first go to Android Settings. Can be from the top menu, or through the icon in the main menu (same).
  • Next, slide the page down. Find the About Phone menu. Sometimes the name can also be about the system. The location is also not always below, some are located at the very top.
  • In the About Phone menu, you'll find many menus, as well as information about your phone. Find the Status column, then tap it.
  • Please swipe down the screen. Look in the WiFi mac address field. In this column, you'll see the HP MAC Address you're using.

2. How to Check your MAC Address Through WiFi Settings

Actually, this way still exists in Android settings as well. But for this one, the entry is more into the WiFi settings menu.

On WiFi, every time your device is connected, a MAC Address will automatically appear. And through this WiFi setting, we can see the address.

Here's how:
  • Go to Android Settings as usual.
  • Go to the WiFi menu.
  • Then connect your PHONE to one of the WiFi.
  • Click the WiFi, then go to Advanced Settings.
  • Check the MAC Address field, where you can see the unique number.

A little note, not all HP supports this way. Because it can usually only be applied in hp output in 2018 and below.

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